How to Write eCommerce Product Descriptions that Sell

eCommerce business owners must know how to write eCommerce product descriptions that are unique, and desirable to sell more products. If you want to sell your products online then sharing information with them from all aspects is necessary, and even for a customer to make an informed decision the details of the products are as important as the payment server they choose. To convert your visitors into buyers the product descriptions of your eCommerce business can do wonders. When there are hundreds of options available for similar things the eCommerce business has to be very cautious about the representation of their service/product. 

Write to meet your target audience’s needs

While writing the product descriptions for your eCommerce business, one needs to be mindful of their target audience, what their needs are and what kind of language can be used. If you are using flair language that is difficult to understand for the audience the individual might get uninterested and leave the product. To overcome this write in KISS (keep it simple and short) format to save space, time, energy, and effort. And be as clear as it can get to share information about the product. 

Consider a problem-solving approach

When someone surfs the internet to buy a product or avail service their prime motive is to solve a problem of their own. The product description highlights the measures of how a specific item can solve a bigger problem leading to ease in life. The more the focus is on details and good qualities of the products the better the options to sell the product on an eCommerce website.

Be careful about the vocabulary

Yes, we agree you want to get ranked on Google with your eCommerce website, but we are careful while using certain words. One should focus on more positive words which hold the potential to carve a positive image for the product and the eCommerce business to help in sales. Power words as per the field of the product/service can be used to emphasize more on the nature and good qualities of the products.

High-quality images and videos

A picture is worth a thousand words, the saying is still relevant as it enhances the chances of sales of the eCommerce business platforms. While posting, writing about your product optimizes the images and makes the best out of them as and when possible. A good image, as well as a video with a decently written product description, can help in building rapport with the customer which can lead to sales.

Read and write from the consumer’s lens

This is a very important and highlighted feature that showcases how to leverage the consumer lens. Any eCommerce website while designing, posting pictures, and writing product descriptions should always keep in mind the state of the customer, for examples the consumer might spend a couple of seconds going through the product description of the product, in such a case be in the shoes of the consumer and relate to it. Customers often like to read short product descriptions, focusing on the positive aspects with great pictures, and on that basis, they make a decision. 

Product descriptions must address these 3 questions

  1. Why is it different than other products in the market? (Unique Value)
  2. Where and how to use it? (A use case)
  3. Who can use the product or benefits? (Niche specific)


Learning how to write product descriptions is a skill all eCommerce businesses must have. Product descriptions should be specific and short. High-quality images and videos make it more desirable. Try to include product USPs and use cases so that customers can relate more to the products. Further, the product pages must include, any offers, product specifications in detail, size guides, reviews, shipping details as well as related products.

For example, here’s a sample product description for yoga leggings:

These women’s yoga leggings are designed for hot studios and hard classes and are made with a second-skin fit and feel. The High-Waist Airfit legging has micro-performance double-knit fabric that sculpts and lifts like no other. You’ll love them and live in them. Plus, a higher waistband is shaping and pairs well with cropped tops and cute bras.

  • Sculpts, lifts & smooths! 
  • Breathable & moisture-wicking 
  • Designed & uniquely fit to flatter every size 
  • Wear-tested by our in-house team for the perfect fit

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